On Friday 21st of February Morfotiko / Culture Club conducted an educational visit to the headquarters of MarineTraffic, in Athens. The visit’s program was directly related with the participants’ field of studies, scientific and academic interests. The visit began with a welcoming speech by MarineTraffic executives and Morfotiko / Culture Club. Subsequently, a presentation followed in which executives from Marketing and IT Departments informed the participants and Club’s members about company’s operation, administration, technology and future plans. One of the main topics was how MarineTraffic was established as a Startup and strengthened its…continue reading →

12th Maritime Congress

On Thursday 9th of January 2020, took place, with great success, the 12th Maritime Congress “2020: A wind of change in shipping Finance & Green Shipping. Do the Charters demand or prefer Green Vessels. What are The Shipping Finance Alternatives in 2020?” Morfotiko / Culture Club supported IMES and Maritime Economies newspaper for 5th continuous year at the organization team. The Conference had great interest for executives and students from the shipping sector! Furthermore, the Club’s Running President, Christina Panagiotopoulou, opened the second panel with a speech presenting Club’s history, mission, vision and…continue reading →

7th Supply Chain & Logistics International Expo 2019

From Friday 9th to Sunday 11th of November 2019 Morfotiko / Culture Club in collaboration with I.L.M.E. (Hellenic Institute of Logistics Management), participated at the 7th Supply Chain & Logistics International Expo, which took place at Athens Metropolitan Expo. Club’s members undertook the organization of the stand as well as the promotion of both contributors, I.L.M.E. and Morfotiko / Culture Club, in collaboration with ILME executives.  All participants had the opportunity to get informed of ILME’s ongoing and future plans and Morfotiko / Culture Club’s activities. Also in the context of the exhibition…continue reading →

Athens International Airport (2019)

Celebrating Morfotiko / Culture Club’s 5 years of establishment! On Thursday 31st of October 2019, Morfotiko / Culture Club visited Athens International Airport (AIA) on a special educational visit, marking the 5 years celebration of Club’s establishment. The visit was hosted by AIA’s Cargo Development team. Students had the opportunity to visit the cargo terminals and see from close a cargo aircraft. They boarded inside its fuselage and the cockpit along with the flight engineer and discussed its special design and functionality. Following, they witnessed the live offloading of the aircraft and had…continue reading →

Skywalker 2019 Education Festival

From Thursday 26th to Saturday 28th of September 2019, Moroftiko / Culture Club took part in the Education Festival organized by During the 3 days festival, Club’s members interacted with participants, students and graduates, informing them about Club’s activities. Moreover, Morfotiko / Culture Club hosted two workshops. The first one took place at the second day of the festival with the Subject: "Letters of Recommendation: Truth or Lies" and the second one at the third day of the festival with the Subject: "Collectivity to Success”. You can find more at our Facebook…continue reading →

MariEdu 2019 – 2nd Maritime Educational Forum

On Thursday 12th of September 2019, took place the 2nd Maritime Educational Forum at the Athens War Museum. Morfotiko / Culture Club had the chance to support IMES and CareerStream at the implementation activities of the event. The conference had three sessions of discussion: 1st Session Is Shipping a Road for Young People in Times of Crisis? 2nd Session Career in International Shipping. The view of the experts. 3rd Session Special trainings for executives of shipping companies. Regulations determine the future. Participants had the chance to meet Club’s members and learn about our…continue reading →