On Friday 21st of February Morfotiko / Culture Club conducted an educational visit to the headquarters of MarineTraffic, in Athens.

The visit’s program was directly related with the participants’ field of studies, scientific and academic interests.

The visit began with a welcoming speech by MarineTraffic executives and Morfotiko / Culture Club. Subsequently, a presentation followed in which executives from Marketing and IT Departments informed the participants and Club’s members about company’s operation, administration, technology and future plans. One of the main topics was how MarineTraffic was established as a Startup and strengthened its position through these years in the marketplace.

The participants also learned lots of valuable information from the company’s executives, regarding the AIS Program, company’s supporting services provided and the current requirements and challenges of this job sector in general.

The presentation was followed by a guided tour to the company’s premises, from the upper floor where there were the engineers’ offices, to the ground floor where there was the play room for the employees to rest and have some spare time and fun throughout their working hours.

One of the most interesting parts of the visit was valuable information exchanged as regarded to the company’s HR Department’s presentation about the company’s culture and procedures on recruitment, the proper candidate profiles for the international market, advice and notes for students to develop their professional skills and improve their business profile. Throughout the MarineTraffic presentation, all kinds of questions were asked and directly answered by the executives. The visit was completed with commemorative gift exchanging, closing speeches and photos.