TITAN Cement Company S.A.

On Thursday 3rd of May 2018, Morfotiko / Culture Club visited for educational purposes “TITAN Cement Plant” in Kamari, Attiki.

The visit’s program was related to participants’ field of studies, business and academic interests.

A production line presentation followed by a guided tour to the quarry, the facilities’ control room and the laboratory, informed the Club’s members and the participants about the operation and administration procedures of a state of the art cement company.

The participants were also provided with valuable information, about the cement production in general, TITAN’s organizational structure, financial and technological activities and its future plans. Guidelines were given regarding the opportunities and threats in such a workplace and the job market trends.

Closing, the head of TITAN’s HR department explained the qualifications someone should have in order to become a TITAN employee, along with the company’s training programs and the head of Marketing department explained the marketing activities of the company.

The visit was completed with commemorative gift exchanging, closing speeches and photos.