Athens Exchange Group (2019)

On Thursday 23rd of May 2019, Morfotiko / Culture Club organized its second educational visit to “Athens Exchange Group” in Athens.

The purpose of the visit’s program was to provide all the participants with a close insight regarding the organization and structure of the Hellenic Stock Exchange market.

For this reason the presentations by the company’s executive focused on the market and its operation, providing details on the means by which the trades and the auctions are made, the market’s opening and closing and the implementation of the above through innovative applications such as the InBroker.

Theparticipants were also offered a close perception on the concepts of the capital market regarding the corporation, investments, cash flows, liquidity and capital rising.

A Q&A session followed where the participants were provided with all the information about the job market’s trends and had the opportunity to link their academic knowledge with the corporate reality. The visit closed with professional and career recommendations and advices to the participants for a proper future career preparation.

In the closing event both parts, after their closing speeches, they exchanged commemorative gifts and took group photos.