On Saturday 19th of January 2019 Moroftiko / Culture Club participated in “Athens Money Show 2019” at Divani Caravel Hotel in Athens, for 4th  consecutive year.

During the event a workshop was held by Morfotiko / Culture Club on the topic “You got a resume…but are you standing for it?”.

The audience was separated in three groups. The first group was the Candidate Team, the second the Team of academic institutions and the third the HR Team. All groups had to work on two case studies of job opportunities and present their results.

At the end of the workshop experienced executives provided substantial information about the qualifications needed for a job, as well as what are the recruitment criteria required in those days. Thoughts, worries, new knowledge and experiences were all captured in a room that turned the workshop extremely interactive!

You can find more photos of the event at our Facebook page.