Morfotiko Club has participated in the Business conference «Eurasia Money Show 2017» at Hilton hotel in Athens in 7th and 8th of January 2017 with a stand, two speeches/open discussions and one social event.
The open discussions were contacted by club’s academic and business sectors with subjects related to young entrepreneurship and students’ business preparation. Many speakers were invited from the governmental and private sectors as well as real entrepreneurs to give their view of the business market reality and entrepreneurship in Greece. The two open discussions were:

a. “Finding the way out from crisis. Can young entrepreneurship put the new business rules in the market?
In the open discussion participated the Athens commercial & industrial chamber, the Athens business chamber, the SME chamber, Farantos Company and Sarlis entrepreneur

b. “Business preparation during studies?
In the open discussion participated an HR executive from Danaos, the CEO of Cargo Group Services, and the CEO of In Point Productions

In the money Show 2017 the Morfotiko Club announced its new strategic partnership with Phoenix Register Academy, a business skills & competences certification program. This program aims to enhance Morfotiko clubs members’ career preparation and to improve their business potential

Photographs of the event: Morfotiko / Culture Club